Lifestyle Choices Can Make or Break You!

Lifestyle Choices Can Make or Break You!

“Do you lead a healthy lifestyle?”-- A question frequently asked by doctors, employers, and the focus of just about any wellness advertisement. And this is in fact a very important question that all of us must ask ourselves. 

Firstly, what constitutes a ‘lifestyle’?

Lifestyle is the way you live your life. A healthy lifestyle would be one wherein your sleep cycle is balanced, your diet intake is healthy, you’re mentally satisfied and happy and are for the most part, stress-free. 

Do lifestyle choices affect our health?

They do indeed!  According to WHO, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Research has proven that a healthy lifestyle like an appropriate diet, satisfactory physical fitness level and a healthy weight can provide health benefits. In summary, for many of us, the modern lifestyle and the stress it causes affects our physical, psychological and social health. Hence, it has become vital to understand the relationship and maintain the right balance.

Change That Lifestyle

The truth is, good health is incredibly complex. But the great news is that a few tiny tweaks to our daily habits will help us live longer, and with more energy, focus, and happiness. Try making these informed lifestyle choices now to start thriving 24-7!

1. Sleep well! 

Get 7-9 hours every. single. night. Consider this: if you’re getting just six each night, your risk of obesity goes up 23 percent. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential that we create a proper circadian rhythm, i.e. we sleep at the proper time for the proper duration. However, we understand the draw and appeal of Netflix and midnight snacks; so here’s what we propose: try our Restful sleep gummies and we promise you will go out like a fused bulb (xD)!

2. Include the GOOD fats in your diet

Good fats from foods like avocado, olive oil, fatty fish, and nuts are essential for immune system function, fat burning (really!), feeling full, and glowing skin. And follow the regular drill: balanced diet, fruits and veggies, reduce those carbs, reduce the sugar. As for the Immunity part? We’ve got you covered: try our Immunity Boost Gummies!

3. Drink water like it’s going out of style.

It’s imperative that we understand how important staying hydrated is. Drinking enough water (ideally 64 ounces, or eight eight-ounce glasses per day) will lead to more energy, better skin, and maybe even weight loss.

4. Move, move, move, exercise!

Yes, vigorous exercise is essential, but heavy lifting for an hour can’t undo the negative effects of sitting for the entire rest of the day. In fact, a recent study found some of exercise’s benefits were negated by prolonged periods of sitting. So yes, exercising is extremely important but do not forget to move throughout the day!

5. Limit or Avoid Alcohol, and Ban that Nicotine from your life

Despite the hype over red wine and longevity, alcohol should be consumed only in moderation, and for many people, not at all. Women who have three drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer and the risk goes up another 10% for every additional drink they have each day.

If you want to live an enjoyable life for however long you live, don't smoke or chew tobacco. As you must already know, the list of diseases and cancers attributed to smoking is reallyyy long. 

6. Surround Yourself with Positive People

It is important to surround yourself with radiant positivity and support. If you have a lot of toxic people around you, you’ll be stressed and this will inevitably affect your sleep, health, and happiness.


That said, your own well-being shouldn’t be mysterious. Know what works for you and what doesn’t, and remove the barriers that are preventing your happiness. Be content with your life choices. Your health and well-being are dependent on it. To help you make those healthy informed choices, we’ve created our vitamin supplements with an all-natural approach, because you’re worth it! Try them and let us know how else we can help you: Restful sleep gummies, Immunity Boost Gummies, and Look Good gummies.
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