What is Circadian Rhythm and How Can You Fix It?

What is Circadian Rhythm and How Can You Fix It?

Do you automatically start feeling sleepy at the same time everyday? Or do you feel wired every time you try to go to sleep? If you answered yes to these questions, the reason is the Circadian Rhythm. Sounds like something musical, doesn’t it? Well, it’s more scientific than musical, as it represents the 24-hour cycle our body clock follows.  

This internal “body clock” is controlled by the hypothalamus, and our circadian rhythm is what tells our body, “it’s time to wake up!” or, “whoa, go to bed now!” After waking up from sleep, you’ll become increasingly tired throughout the day. These feelings will peak in the evening leading up to bedtime, and that’s where we can help you — Welly’s Sleep Gummy Supplements will help you fall right into a deep slumber.

Now, circadian rhythms are guided by natural signs that you should be awake-- like with the fading of natural light, the body releases a drowsiness-inducing hormone Melatonin, and with the rising of the sun one feels energised and alert due to the release of Cortisol. 
However, once set, circadian rhythms can be quite difficult to change. As is the case with most of us nowadays, a proper circadian rhythm is difficult to maintain. Well, what does one do then? 

The first question to ask is why we should attempt to correct our body clock or circadian rhythm at all. Circadian rhythms regulate the production of different hormones throughout the 24-hour cycle, and regulate hunger and digestion, body temperature, mood, fluid balance, and other important physiological processes

This brings us to the second question -- can a broken circadian rhythm be fixed? The answer is yes. In order to fix a broken rhythm or say a sleep schedule, we must reverse-tackle it. And we at Welly can help you with that with our Sleep Gummy Supplements. Yay! 

Here are a few ways you can improve your sleep schedule and recreate a perfect circadian rhythm:

1. Go outside as close to sunrise and sunset as possible: Ensure that you get outside for at least five minutes as close to both sunrise and sunset as possible.

2. Skip naps, and wake up everyday at the same time: By following a sleep cycle and skipping in-between naps regularly, your body will learn to adjust to the new rhythm.

3. Try bright light therapy: Exposure to bright artificial lights can reorient circadian rhythms quite effectively. But before purchasing one of these devices, you should speak with a credentialed sleep medicine physician.

4. Different and proper meal times: Circadian rhythms regulate hunger and digestion. Some studies have found that advancing or delaying meals can alter how your circadian rhythm.

5. Exercise: Exercise and sleep share a somewhat symbiotic relationship. Proper exercise can improve sleep quality and duration, but since exercise is stimulating, try to keep at least an hour’s gap between exercise and sleep. 

6. Consume caffeine wisely: Caffeine can be a very effective (albeit, temporary) fix for people who experience grogginess at odd, irregular times. But try to adjust your caffeine intake according to your time of sleep. 

7. Optimize your bedroom for good sleep: Increasingly, our bedrooms have become a hub for work, TV marathons, reading, etc.— so reclaim your bedroom as a sacred space for sleep!

  • When you “go to bed,” it needs to be a physical and emotional transition. This means removing all electronic devices, if possible. 
  • Cover up any pesky little LED lights with electrical tape.
  • Or use a sleep mask—even the smallest amount of light while sleeping has been connected to mental health problems
  • Keep your bedroom cool with good air circulation. Most of us sleep better in a cooler bedroom with a light amount of air circulation.
  • Try white noise. White noise can come from a special machine, a fan, an air purifier, or an app on your phone. 

8. Lastly and most importantly, you can consume Welly’s natural Sleep Gummy Supplements to fall asleep in under one hour on those nights when sleep just won’t come easy to you. And the great news is that with our natural-ingredient approach, you have nothing to worry about!   


So go ahead and sleep the night away, because maintaining a circadian rhythm holds paramount importance for health, immunity, and general balance in life.

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