Our Gummies Are ‘Made of the Good Stuff’!

Our Gummies Are ‘Made of the Good Stuff’!

Welly believes in the mystical power of nature & its subsidiaries like natural roots, flowers & fruits, etc. Additionally, we also had a feeling that consuming pharmaceutical vitamin pills could be a bothersome experience, given their bitter taste and flavour. Consuming those supplements felt like an untoward task that we wanted to quit. 

So, we decided to come up with something different; Our vitamin supplement gummies! These gummies are created keeping in mind an all-natural approach & to ensure that these are as enjoyable as they are effective. Because we believe that the things that make us happy can only make us develop a habit. There are no compromises with Welly — you get a box with healthy & happy packed right in it. 

You must be wondering what we mean when we say our products are made with good stuff? Well, we rolled up our sleeves and dug deep into nature to find ingredients that could help us create the perfect and effective product for you. 

‘The good stuff’:

  1. Melatonin

    This is a naturally occurring hormone responsible for inducing sleep and regulating the body's sleep cycle, therefore, we have got this added into our Restful Sleep Gummies for better zzzs. 
  2. L-Theanine

    The hero ingredient of our Restful Sleep Gummies, this amino acid found in green tea helps promote relaxation, reduces stress and also improves sleep quality. 
  3. Chamomile - 

    As chamomile tea has been known to calm nerves and induce a restful sleep for decades, we thought of adding these daisy-like flowers to our Restful Sleep Gummies to calm the mind, and help you relax and restore! 
  4. Chicory Root Fiber - 

    A fiber extracted from chicory plants and also found in all of our gummies, this prebiotic serves as an aid to regulate blood sugar levels and supports healthy digestion. Common to all our products, this ingredient promotes proper digestion, allowing one to pop our gummies at any point of the day!
  5. Pectin - 

    Known as a fruit fiber, this key nutrient is found in apples, oranges, berries & other citrus fruits and is helpful in promoting good digestive health. Found in all our products, pectin will not only help you digest our gummies but also the food you consume. 
  6. Locust Bean Gum - 

    Gut health is an important part of your overall well-being. Instead of creating a separate product for it, we decided to include all the right ingredients in all our products. Obtained from the seeds of the carob tree, this natural gum is a soluble fiber that helps improve gut health by increasing good bacteria. You are automatically aiding your gut health by consuming our gummies. 
  7. Biotin - 

    The key ingredient of our Look Good Gummies, this super vitamin helps make your hair, skin and nails healthy. Biotin boosts the body’s keratin levels, it stimulates hair growth & helps strengthen hair. 
  8. Aloe Vera - 

    Rich in antioxidants & anti-ageing properties, this cooling agent keeps the skin hydrated & helps you look good! 
  9. Vegan Collagen - 

    One of the most important ingredients in our Look Good Gummies, Collagen is the building blocks that your skin needs. This plant-based collagen encourages growth of new skin cells and also reduces blemishes, making your skin even toned. 
  10. Vitamin C & Zinc - 

    This powerful blend boosts body’s WBC count & protects the immune system from outside bacteria & viruses. Apart from it, Vitamin C also shields the skin from pollution. 
  11. Vitamin E - 

    Its antioxidant, anti-pollutant and anti-ageing properties, make it a perfect ingredient for our Look Good Gummies. 
  12. Vitamin A - 

    Best known for improving eye-sight, this essential vitamin also helps increasing skin cell turnover. So, our Look Good Gummies, when consumed regularly not only enhance your beauty but also improves  your vision. Wait, there’s more! This ‘’anti-infection vitamin’’ also prevents viruses & bacteria from entering our bodies. This property makes it a perfect ingredient to be added to our Immunity Boost Gummies
  13. Vitamin D - 

    Essential for a strong immune system, it also levels up the efficiency of Vitamin C & Zinc which makes it a part of our Immunity Boost Gummies! 
  14. Elderberry - 

    Renowned as Booster Berries, these juicy fruits are infused with antioxidants and work with the body’s WBCs to build immunity. 
  15. Amla - 

    Known for its multiple health benefits, this superfood helps detoxify the body and helps prevent common cold, which makes it the perfect ingredient for our Immunity Boost Gummies. 

So what are you waiting for? Order our 100% Vegan, flavourful, fun, and health vitamin supplement gummies now! Your healthy-happy habit awaits you :)

Faqs On Our Gummies Are Made Of The Good Stuff! 

How Welly Gummies are made Of?

Welly gummies are made with natural ingredients and are approved by FSSAI. Our gummies are safe to be consumed 

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