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Our Gummies Are ‘Made of the Good Stuff’!

Our Gummies Are ‘Made of the Good Stuff’!

At Welly, we believe in the power of nature and natural roots, herbs, and fruits. Additionally, we felt like consuming pharmaceutical vitamin pills could turn out to be somewhat of an unpleasant experience, given their bitter flavour, hard-to-swallow texture and the simple fact that consuming those supplements habitually felt like an untoward task. 

So, we decided to come up with an alternative: Our vitamin supplement gummies! When we create a product, we make sure to do so with an all-natural approach and to ensure that it is as enjoyable as it is effective. Because only the things that make us happy, help us develop a habit. With Welly, you never have to compromise — you get a box with healthy and happy packed right in it.

Well, how exactly are our products made of the good stuff, you ask? We rolled up our sleeves and dug right into nature to find ingredients that could help us create the perfect and effective gummy-supplements for you. 

‘The good stuff’:

  1. Melatonin- Present in our Restful sleep gummies, this naturally occurring hormone reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and regulates the body's sleep cycle for better ZZZs.
  2. L-Theanine- A main ingredient of our Restful sleep gummies, this amino acid found in green tea leaves promotes relaxation, helps reduce stress and improves sleep quality.
  3. Chamomile- As chamomile tea has been used for decades to calm nerves and get a Restful sleep, we thought-- why not add these daisy-like flowers to our Restful sleep gummies to calm the mind, helping you relax and restore!
  4. Chicory Root Fiber- A fiber found in chicory plants (and our Restful sleep gummies, Immunity Boost Gummies, and Look Good gummies as well)— this prebiotic helps regulate blood sugar levels and aids healthy digestion. This ingredient is common to all our products as it promotes proper digestion, allowing you to consume our gummies at any point of the day!
  5. Pectin- Fruit fiber! This key nutrient promotes good digestive health and is found in apples, oranges, berries and other citrus fruits. A common ingredient to all our products, pectin will help you digest not only the gummy but also the food you consume.
  6. Locust Bean Gum- We think gut health is very important and so, instead of creating a separate product for gut health, we decided to include all the right ingredients in all products! This natural gum comes from the seeds of the carob tree. It's a soluble fiber that improves gut health by increasing good bacteria, meaning that when you consume our gummies, you automatically aid your gut health, yay!
  7. Biotin- A main ingredient of our Look Good gummies, this super vitamin promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. It boosts the body's keratin levels, which stimulates hair growth and helps strengthen hair.
  8. Aloe Vera- This cooling plant hydrates the skin. Being high in Vitamin E, it comes with anti-aging properties and helps you Look Good!
  9. Vegan Collagen- Building blocks your skin needs. This plant-based collagen encourages growth of new skin cells which help reduce blemishes and make your skin even toned, and thus serves as one of the ingredients in our Look Good gummies.
  10. Vitamin C & Zinc- This powerful dynamic duo boosts the body's WBC count and shields the immune system from foreign bacteria & viruses. Additionally, Vitamin C protects the skin from pollution!
  11. Vitamin E- Vitamin E, an ingredient in our Look Good gummies, is an antioxidant, anti-pollutant and has anti- ageing properties.
  12. Vitamin A- This essential retinol increases skin cell turnover and helps support good vision. So when you consume our Look Good gummies over a duration of time, you also benefit in the form of betterment of vision! And cherry-on-the-cake: this "anti-infection vitamin" present in our Immunity Boost Gummies also prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the epithelial layer of the body!
  13. Vitamin D- This "Sunshine Vitamin" is essential for a strong immune system and also increases the efficiency of Vitamin C & Zinc and promotes calcium absorption, thus is a part of our Immunity Boost Gummies!
  14. Elderberry- Booster berries! These juicy fruits are packed with antioxidants and work with the body's WBCs to build immunity.
  15. Amla- This superfood has been used for centuries in India as a natural way to detoxify the system and to help prevent the common cold, so how could we forget to include it in our Immunity Boost Gummies?.

So what are you waiting for? Order our 100% Vegan, flavourful, fun, and health vitamin supplement gummies now! Your healthy-happy habit awaits you :)

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