Are Vitamin Gummies Good For You? Hell Yeah!

Are Vitamin Gummies Good For You? Hell Yeah!

Over the last few years, health supplements have gained incredible popularity across the world. Taking the right vitamins can improve one’s health and/or compensate for an insufficient diet. But “taking your vitamins” has never been considered the most exciting activity in your day. Switching to gummies surely makes the task — pardon the cliché — a whole lot sweeter.

Gummies typically come in chewy textures and fruity flavours, packed with the nutrients of a regular multivitamin supplement. The result? A supplement that’s a lot more pleasing to the palate than traditional pills. Some questions immediately pop up — Are vitamin gummies good for you? Are vitamin gummies safe? Are vitamin gummies healthy? And well, are vitamin gummies bad for you? Let’s bust some myths!

Are Vitamin Gummies Good For You?

The short answer has already been provided in the title of this article. But let’s deep dive into how exactly gummies are good for you. Traditional pills are bitter, bothersome and well, boring. Plus, quite a few people have problems swallowing pills. Altogether, this makes it very difficult for people to form a habit of taking their vitamins, let alone looking forward to it. More than the colours, flavours or chewy format, it’s this ease in building a habit that makes gummies an extremely beneficial alternative.

Are Vitamin Gummies Safe?

Let’s start by stating the obvious — not all gummies are safe. Before deciding on one, it’d definitely be a good idea to go through the brand’s website in detail. A good brand is transparent about its processes and formulations. Look for a brand that uses none of the following: preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, added sugar, gluten and gelatin. As long as you find the right brand, there is no reason to believe that gummies are unsafe.


Are Vitamin Gummies Healthy?

Vitamin Gummies come infused with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and superfoods. This makes them just as powerful and effective as traditional pills. Seek gummies that are formulated with the right ingredients and rest assured they will be healthy.

The Right Brand

As stated above, choosing the right brand goes a long way in choosing the right gummies. India has a few players to choose from but amongst the lot, Welly stands out for its transparency and dedication to excellence. Starting with getting the right accreditations (WHO-GMP, ISO, US FDA approved manufacturing plants) to going the distance in choosing the right ingredients and ensuring that nothing harmful goes into their Gummy Pops — they do it all.

Our range includes Gummy Pops that cater to immunity, sleep and beauty benefits, with a lot more products planned in the near future. Each Gummy Pop contains a precise measure of what's written on the label, exactly what's needed for your daily intake. What makes Welly's Gummy Pops an easy addition to your modern lifestyle is the fact that they come in a chewy format and are super-easy to consume and exceptionally tasty. All of it leads to you getting a chance to make a happy healthy habit. Are vitamin gummies good for you? If they're Welly's Gummy Pops, hell yeah!





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