Welly promotes health and happiness: Here's How!

Welly promotes health and happiness: Here's How!

Happiness does influence your physical health & immune system and we, at Welly, understand this very well. Taking tens of pharmaceuticals vitamins and supplements might not be a happy choice for many, so, we got you covered and brought our gummies into action to do the happy for you!

After months of research and development, we came up with a formula with an all-natural approach and carefully selected ingredients that not only solve the purpose of acting as vitamin supplements but also serve as a healthy-happy treat!

How are our gummies special?

1. Safe manufacturing processes are our priority! Our products are manufactured in certified plants, are WHO-GMP certified, ISO compliant, and FSSAI approved.

  • World Health Organisation suggests GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices as the aspect of quality assurance of medicinal products.
  • ISO compliance means adhering to the requirements of the International Organisation for Standardisation.
  • FSSAI product approval is given by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

2. Our gummies contain prebiotics for healthy digestion! We have also added inulin from Chicory and Pectin, which serve as good sources of prebiotic fiber and help in digestion & improving gut health.

3. Our products are free from any artificial colors or flavors!

4. No added sugar- yes, gummies with no added sugar! All our gummies have natural ingredients, and the 0.2g sugar content each gummy contains comes from those ingredients. Since there’s no added sugar, we have used inulin as an alternative: it is safe to consume in case of Diabetes and also regulates blood sugar levels!

5. Natural Ingredients: Our gummies contain all-natural ingredients except for the ones that need to be synthetically derived for them to be absorbed well by the body. For example, Melatonin has to be synthesized since it’s a hormone and cannot be derived naturally.

6. Good news for everybody-- our products are 100% Vegan! Our products are plant-based and can be consumed by all, with no bar on the kind of diet you take!

7. The good news keeps on piling up: Our products are also gluten-free!

8. Our gummies are free from preservatives too!

9. We haven’t added Gelatin either! Instead of Gelatin we've added Locust Bean Gum as a binding agent and get the gummy texture which makes our Gummies 100% Vegan and Gelatin-free.

10. Our products are Non-GMO, which means that our products are produced without genetic engineering and the ingredients are not derived from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

We have attempted to make our products available to and consumable by all, and we’re happy to see that our customers are enjoying our flavorsome and fun gummies! Apart from having such special features that make our products stand out, our gummies are also very easy to consume.

How to gummy?

Well, simply chew! Our gummies need no water or beverage. Our gummies are as easy to consume as your favorite sugar candy!

We’ve noticed that our customers may have some questions about the product, and here are the answers:

1. How many can you have daily?

For the Immunity Boost & Look Good Gummy Pops, you must have one daily to see effective results; remember-- consistency is key! The Restful Sleep Gummy Pops are not a daily supplement, it is to be taken only when you have trouble sleeping or are unable to sleep. It is advised to take only one per night.

2. What’s the best time to take them?

Well, any time that suits you throughout the day! We’ve ensured that our product is fairly easy to use and can be consumed at a time of your liking.

However, since our Restful sleep gummies help you fall into a deep slumber, we’d recommend that you take those around 20 minutes before your bedtime. Try one and see what duration of consumption before sleeping suits you best!

3. Can you take multiple Welly products in combination with one another?

Why not, of course, you can! We have created Welly as a complete system of products to help you address your daily needs and achieve your personal health goals.

And that’s how Welly promotes health and happiness because we believe that what makes you happy helps you develop a habit!

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