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This is what lack of sleep is doing to you


Do you often feel like you’re not getting enough shut-eye? Has sleeping less than 6 hours a day become a recurring feature of your life? Not feeling truly rested when you wake up every morning? If your answer to the above questions is a resounding yes, then this article is for you. Lack of sleep affects your body in several ways. Amongst others, a demanding work-life and a never-offline social life are often the causes for sleep deprivation. There are several short-term and long-term side effects of sleeping less.

Lack of sleep side effects: short-term

There is a clear correlation between
sleep deprivation and forgetfulness. Memory is often split into visual working memory and verbal working memory. Verbal working memory encompasses things you read and hear. When sleep deprived, your memory formation is impaired and you struggle to recall information and facts. Sleep is crucial to your brain’s ability to remember, retain and recall information.

We face a multitude of distractions in our everyday life. From a coworker distracting us in the middle of a task to a friend who’s constantly texting us, we are surrounded by distractions.
Lack of sleep reduces your ability to focus and increases your likelihood of being distracted. While it isn’t a big deal if you get distracted while at home, it definitely is when you’re behind the wheel. Up to 30% road accidents are attributed to drowsy driving.

Sleep deprivation
can also affect those around you. When you haven’t slept enough, your mood is quite volatile — leaving you feeling annoyed and easily irritated. This obviously extends to those around you, affecting relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.


Lack of sleep side effects: long-term

Weight gain
Lack of sleep
invites obesity. This happens because of hormonal imbalance — the hormone that stimulates hunger (ghrelin) increases while the chemical that helps in keeping our appetite in check (leptin) lowers. Thus, when your body isn’t rested, you tend to feel hungrier and hence eat more.

The diabetes factor
We all know how our diet and exercise are crucial for preventing diabetes. What most people don’t know is that when we sleep less, our body’s ability to process glucose in our bloodstream gets hampered. Thus making us more susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

The heart connection
In the long run, sleeping less than 6 hours/day doubles your chances of getting a heart disease. Essentially,
lack of sleep alters your heart rate and increases your blood pressure. A high BP or hypertension is the primary reason for heart issues.

Risk of infertility
As per studies,
sleep deprivation can also lead to infertility. This is more common among men. The chances of a low sperm count go up if you don’t get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.


Sleep like you mean it

Pardon the cliche but nothing is more important than your health. No assignment or project or all-nighter is worth it when it leads to lack of sleep. With the shift in lifestyles and the general change in sleeping patterns, melatonin has become quite the buzzword.

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