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Multivitamin Gummy Pops: the easiest addition to your routine

Multivitamin Gummy Pops: the easiest addition to your routine

The vitamins and supplements industry has remained dormant with bitter pills and difficult-to-swallow tablets for a long time now, and lately, with the introduction of new formats like Multivitamin Gummies, Powders, and shakes, it’s starting to become much more exciting. 

It’s a known fact that prenatal supplements make you feel nauseous, but there are so many people who feel queasy with just any pill or tablet. During this stressful time, we tend to lose it and what gets affected is our immune system. Raise your hand if you want a weaker immune system! Didn’t think so, us either. 

Here at Welly, we totally get what it feels like to swallow chalky pills and tablets, trying different ways to take them, dicing up the tablet, hiding it in the food, we know it all! 

Our Multivitamin Gummy Pops to the rescue, yay! 

We believe that apart from eating the right food and working out, it’s important to make self-care a happy process. We stand by the fact that anything that makes you happy can be made into a habit — your happy healthy habit. 

Here are five reasons why Welly’s Multivitamin Gummy Pops can be the easiest addition to your daily routine!


1. Welly’s Gummy Pops are tasty, fun, and easy to consume

Pills are now a thing of the past and gummies are here to rule. Welly’s Multivitamin Gummy Pops are not just easy to take down but also taste like treats, making you so much more likely to take your vitamins every single day. 

Our Gummies come in three amazing fruit flavors: Super Orange Flavor, Mixed Berry Flavor, and Goodnight Grape Flavor, you’ll never forget to take these! 


2. Welly’s products are 100% vegan and safe to consume 

Most gummy vitamins use gelatin as a binding agent, but at Welly, Pectin (which is a fiber found in fruits and vegetables) is used as the gelling ingredient which makes the product range vegan. 

Quality is given the utmost importance here at Welly which is why our manufacturing plant is WHO-GMP certified, ISO compliant, and US FDA approved. All our products are FSSAI approved and hence completely safe. The Welly Multivitamin Gummy Pops are formulated by nutritional experts who know what they are doing. You are in safe hands! 


3. Welly’s products are hassle-free and easy to carry 

Welly’s Gummies are individually packed in fun packaging for your convenience. Our Multivitamin Gummy Pops are chewable, super easy to take, and fuss-free. You do not have to go around looking for water, just throw one in your bag and you’re good to go! 


4. Studies show that Vitamin D in Gummy format has better bioavailability than that of tablets or pills 

All Welly’s products are backed by research, we’re not just playing! 

Studies show that Vitamin D gets absorbed much better in a gummy form than when taken in a tablet or pill form. 

The gummies are chewable, the dissolution of the vitamins starts in the mouth only, continuing throughout the digestive system, hence resulting in better bioavailability. 



5. Multivitamin Gummy Pops that contain No Added Sugar, 100% Natural Colours and Flavours, No added preservatives

The reason why Gummy supplements are so yummy is because of the presence of sugar and corn syrup. Most gummy vitamins add sugar to their products to make them taste good. This is also why people refrain from trusting supplements in the form of gummies. 

However, we at Welly don’t believe in relying on artificial sweeteners. Instead, we decided to add something that not only cuts down on the bitterness but also makes it taste like treats, is a great source of fiber, and also regulates blood sugar levels! This super ingredient, Chicory Root Extract is all things great! 

We believe that happiness is the way to go when you want to create new healthy habits. Get your happy box now and don’t ever forget to take your vitamins!

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