Is The ‘Healthy Happy Glow’ A Real Thing?

Is The ‘Healthy Happy Glow’ A Real Thing?

Have you ever had that day when you just feel good? And because you feel good, you look good and get lots of compliments? Or maybe it was that you got compliments first and then felt like your skin just had that wonderful, warm and happy glow?

If you have, you know that the healthy happy glow is indeed a real thing! Apparently, those break-outs and pimples are in fact connected to our mental state and well-being, and sometimes the vice-versa may also be true. It’s an entire field of study called psychodermatology. Isn’t that surprising?

How does happiness affect our skin?

Clear, balanced, hydrated, plump, buoyant, and glowing skin. These aren’t merely the markers of youthful skin but the appearance of your skin on happiness. Not only that but your skin’s ability to repair and renew itself is enhanced. Overall, your skin looks healthy, radiant, and younger (and that’s now attainable by trying our Look Good gummies too; yay!)

How is that even possible? If we start being happy, will our skin improve?

While negative emotions can contribute to skin damage, positive emotions help improve it. Positive emotions help release the feel good hormones and in turn help in promoting collagen and getting that healthy glow and flushed skin, because when you have well distributed oxygen and nutrients it shows in your skin. And our Look Good gummies promote collagen and help you in the same way!

On the other hand, negative feelings like stress release cortisol into your body and throw off your gut health. All of that ends up playing with your hormones – and showing up on your face.

Do all skincare problems automatically vanish if we’re happy?

Of course, happiness isn’t the solution to all skincare woes just as good skin isn’t the solution to happiness. Regular washing, moisturizing, and genetics make a difference. Essentially, if you want to look and feel better, care for yourself and your skin. Focus on things that bring you happiness and know that fleeting positivity isn’t as helpful as lowering stress over time.

But, on the plus side, a boost in mood can have some positive effect on your complexion. When skin troubles have got you down, a little boost is better than none at all. And don’t we know it --- our Look Good gummies have been created with an all-natural approach, with ingredients that will treat your body in a way that you’ll get radiant skin, flowing hair, and strong and beautiful nails!

Being happy is a difficult choice, especially with all these million everyday-things to stress us out.

So is the healthy happy glow reason enough to try being happy consciously?

Well, honestly, we get it --- we can try as we might to ignore all negativity, but it does affect us. But here’s the thing: happiness is so worth it! So all we can really do is consciously, at every moment, make the choice to be happy no matter what! Because:

1. Happiness is linked to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

2. Happier people are less likely to get sick.

3. Happiness acts as a protective factor against disease and disability (in general, of course).

4. Those who are happiest tend to live significantly longer than those who are not.

5. Happiness boosts our immune system, which can help us fight and fend off the common cold (so do our Immunity Boost gummies, by the way!)

6. Happy people tend to make others happier as well, and vice versa – those who do good, feel good!

7. Lastly, read our blog on happiness and how to attain it to understand everything better!

So does happiness help you look beautiful? Yes, we do think happiness makes you look beautiful. Even though there’s enough scientific backing to this concept, it all comes down to this: beauty comes from within; it’s an energy. And we can feel that energy seeping into every pore when we’re healthy and happy! So join our Welly fam’s healthy-happy philosophy and try our Look Good gummies, Restful sleep gummies, and Immunity Boost Gummies to get that healthy glow!
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