How To Create A Mindful Nighttime Routine?

How To Create A Mindful Nighttime Routine?

Do you sometimes feel like your day isn’t productive but you don’t know why? We reckon that it has to do with your nighttime routine. 

Oftentimes in today’s scenario, we feel inclined to stay up late at night. And when we finally try to adjust our schedules, we can’t. Well, we understand this problem and we hear you! 

This inability to sleep well at night may have a variety of different causes and reasons- like a broken circadian rhythm, immense stress and anxiety, or simply the fact that you don’t feel sleepy. But whatever the problem, we have the solution -- our Restful sleep gummies will instantly put you to a dreamy, peaceful sleep.

Why a nighttime routine matters:

Creating a proper, mindful nighttime routine is important for a number of reasons: a proper good night’s sleep enables us to start the next day afresh with a blank slate. If we have a bad or stressful day and subsequently a disturbed night, we’ll be cranky or irritated the next day as well, and so on. This creates a vicious pattern and the only way to break it is to create a mindful nighttime routine!

Ways to create a relaxing, mindful nighttime routine:

1. Decide on a Set Bedtime.

As part of your natural sleep-wake cycle, your brain starts winding down for sleep a few hours before bedtime. You can use your bedtime routine to make that process more effective. Decide on your bed- and wake-up times, and stick to them every day. 

2. Leave the Electronics Alone.

Despite what you may think, your favorite Netflix show does not help you relax, nor does scrolling on Instagram.  Electronic devices, including computers, televisions, smartphones, and tablets, all emit strong blue light. That blue light floods your brain, tricking it into thinking it’s daytime, and your brain suppresses melatonin production and works to stay awake.

3. Have a Light Snack or Bedtime Tea.

Heavy meals and drinking before bed can lead to indigestion, acid reflux, and middle-of-the-night restroom trips that disrupt your sleep. However, going to bed hungry can also upset your stomach and make it hard to fall asleep.

Find a healthy middle ground by calming your stomach with a light snack, like a piece of fruit like cherries, grapes, strawberries, nuts, oats, or yogurt. Non-caffeinated herbal teas, especially ones with chamomile may work too. 

Lastly, our Restful sleep gummies, with ingredients like chamomile, will also help you instantly fall asleep. And the best part is that there’s no added sugar!

4. Listen to Music.

The genre isn’t important, so long as the music relaxes you. Close your eyes, listen to the music, and let it distract you from your worries and calm you down.

5. Stretch, Breathe, and Relax.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) can allow you to let go of physical and mental tension, by instead focusing on your body and mindfully relaxing. Some light yoga, stretching, and breathing exercises can go a long way toward relaxing you into sleep. See what works for you and add it to your bedtime routine.

6. Write Down a To-Do List or Journal.

One study found that taking 5 minutes before bed to jot down a quick to-do list of tasks that needed to be done in the following days significantly sped up sleep onset. Additionally, it will reduce your stress immensely by allowing you to map out your day in advance. 

7. Prep Your Bedroom.

Dedicate part of your bedtime routine to transforming your bedroom into a sleep oasis. Make a ritual out of making things as cool, dark, and quiet as possible. Turn off any noisy electronics. Dim the lights, put things away and remove clutter. 

8. Final Step

Now, for the final piece of your bedtime routine: getting into bed. Make this the very last thing you do, and once your head hits the pillow, don’t do anything else other than try to fall asleep. 

So it’s certain -- a nighttime routine is fairly important to bring order to our days. But unfortunately, some nights are such that sleep just doesn’t come to us. In such situations, we recommend our Restful sleep gummies. With nerve-calming and sleep-inducing ingredients, no added sugar, and a delicious fruity flavour, the sleep supplement gummies will help you relax and fall into a deep slumber! 

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