How to combat stress to increase immunity?

How to combat stress to increase immunity?

Stress is an inseparable part of our lives. From a toddler to an adult, there are ongoing battles that we have been fighting; but what is harmful is that we ultimately forget to combat stress, which leads to more damage than we realize. And you’ll probably be surprised to learn that stress has a direct effect on our body’s immune system! So it becomes more important that we pay attention to ways we can combat stress. 

What is immune system? 

Like a police force, our immune system deals with invaders of our bodies to protect our bodies from getting sick. Our immune system is made up of billions of white blood cells that help fight off bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells in the body.  But how is our immune system affected by stress, if stress is not a bacteria, virus, or cancerous cell?

So, how does stress affect immunity?

The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system (such as lowering the number of lymphocytes). Stress reduces the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens. That’s why we are more vulnerable to infections. 

How do we know if our immunity is at stake? 

A sudden increase in infections like cold & cough are signs that your immune system is compromised. A weak immunity gives rise to a repetitive cycle making it hard to overcome your tendency to treat infections. If you’re facing such problems and want to treat your immune health naturally, you can try our Immunity Boost Gummies! Our gummies have been created with an all-natural, no-added-sugar approach so that taking gummies is no longer a cause of worry to you, and you get to enjoy a delicious treat every day! 

How is stress-induced lack of immunity more complicated?

Did you know that it is relatively difficult for a person to recover from stress-related illnesses? Continued elevated stress levels lead to the body accepting it as normal and producing high levels of stress hormones well after the stressful event has passed, resulting in the compromise of the body’s immune system further. 

Well, no worries! Stress is a by-product of uncertainty, overthinking, or complicating simple situations, so by reinforcing a routine and bringing order to our lives, we’ll be a few steps closer to leading a healthy and happy life! 

Here are a few ways that could help you combat stress:

  1. Eat and drink to optimize your health. Eating a well-balanced and healthy diet can help combat stress. 
  2. Exercise regularly. In addition to having physical health benefits, exercise has been shown to be a powerful stress reliever. Consider non-competitive aerobic exercise, strengthening with weights, or movement activities like yoga or Tai Chi, and set reasonable goals for yourself.
  3. Reduce triggers of stress. If you are amongst the crowd, your life might be full of demands and too little time. We are the ones who’ve chosen most of these demands for ourselves. Adopting time-management skills like asking for help, setting priorities, setting a pace for yourself and self-care are some of the practices to free up your time a bit. 
  4. Get proper sleep.  Sleep is probably the most important aspect of our health which directly and immediately affects how healthy we feel physically and mentally. Lack of proper sleep may leave our bodies feeling heavy and lethargic all day. So since sleep has direct effects on immunity and stress, we have a solution for you to help you balance your sleep cycle: Restful sleep gummies (to help you fall asleep instantly!)
  5. Assert yourself. It’s okay to say “No” to demands on your time and energy that will place too much stress on you. You don’t always have to meet the expectations of others.
  6. Set realistic goals and expectations. It's okay—and healthy—to realize you cannot be 100% successful at everything all at once. Being mindful of your capabilities and potential and working on improving those that are not in your control is one of the most important skill that one should have in order to lead a stress-free and healthy life. 
  7. Sell yourself to yourself. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself of what you do well. Have a healthy sense of self-esteem.

In the end, do what makes you truly happy— it may be as simple as having a bowl of your favorite ice cream or just going to the pet store. Our bodies are only as good as we maintain them, and since stress affects immunity and physical health, it’s only wise to start choosing our happiness and ourselves. 

Start your journey of wellness with our vitamin supplement gummies that have been created keeping in mind an all-natural approach to help you realize your health and happiness goals: Immunity Boost Gummies, Restful Sleep Gummies, and Look Good Gummies. 

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