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Can a tasty supplement really help you look good?

Can a tasty supplement really help you look good?

Do you dare to dream about having the perfectly toned skin- soft & moist, or healthy hair and roots? Welly is here to turn your dream into a reality with Vitamin Gummies for skin! 

Why should you read ahead? We will introduce you to sustainable, tasty and healthy skin care supplements in the form of gummies for skin.

The perfect skin care supplement

It takes time and investment into maintaining healthy hair and skin. We also know most people neglect taking care of both because the procedure is too painfully tedious. But what if you could have healthy skin and skin hair having to give it buckets of your time and energy?

We agree that beauty is inside out. This is why apart from eating the right nutrition to have healthy skin and hair, it's important to make the process of self-care a happy one.

Now we know what you are thinking about, “this sounds too good to be true”. Well, it is good and it is true. We believe self-care and looking good should be a joyous process. We do not want you to feel nauseous and eat ten foul-tasting pills a day, so that you look good. We have something better to offer — gummies for skin. Our Look Good Gummy Pops™ will help you achieve all your hair, skin and nail goals.

After endless days of breaking sweat, we are finally ready to launch our new, innovative way to Look and Feel Good in a way that actually feels good. Don't compromise on getting healthy skin and hair and nails today and every day. Our new product- Look Good Gummy Pops™ comes in a Juicy Orange flavour adding a Zing to your experience. Made from fresh and natural ingredients, these gummies for skin also help you to avoid the hassle of getting water and leave no medicinal aftertaste at all!

Look Good Gummy Pops™ are all about getting healthy but having fun while doing it. Packed with the goodness of Aloe vera, Biotin, Vitamin A & E, they are the first gummies for skin made from collagen, a plant-based protein that makes it ideal for our vegan customers as well! 

We live in but uncertain times, with new and advanced health problems surfacing each day. We often hear that going natural is the best way of life, and we at Welly second that motion.

We whole-heartedly follow the advice of the healthcare experts, Welly’s gummies for skin are made from 100% natural ingredients and help you look good, feel good and lead a healthy life.

Our crew understands how tedious it can be to pop a pill or more every day. Hence, we worked day and night to build a product which inspires you to achieve the look you want, and we created these amazing gummies for skin ! One Juicy orange gummy a day will keep pills and products away!

Why Choose Look Good Gummy Pops™?

First Gummies for Skin in India made from Plant-based Protein
Look Good Gummy Pops™ are the first 100% vegan gummies for skin and are made from plant-based protein known as collagen. We do not use gelatin in our products or any artificial preservative. Collagen promotes cell growth and helps you to maintain evenly toned skin. It helps to avoid blemished skin and also increases the rate of skin healing in case of an injury. 

100% RDA of Vitamin C
We at Welly are aware that too much of a nutrient does not benefit the body either. Hence, we made our gummies using the Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin C which will give a healthy boost to your immune system by increasing white blood cells also known as fighter cells of the body. Our gummies for skin are made using high citrus content ingredients such as Amla & Orange, to provide sufficient amounts of Vitamin C and help you to Look Good!

First Gummies for Skin with 100% Natural colour & No Added Sugar
Our gummies consist of naturally extracted colour and sugars only. Look Good Gummy  Pops™ are made of fresh, juicy oranges and contain no added preservatives. You can enjoy the zingy flavour of orange in these gummies for skin, while improving the health of your skin, hair and nails. We aim to provide healthy, tasty and safe gummy skincare supplements to all our customers, and help inspire better healthcare.

A Rare Combination of Vitamins Which Help You Detox
Welly Gummies for skin are filled with the goodness of rich vitamins and minerals. From Biotin which promotes keratin levels, Aloe vera & orange juice packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants from Vitamin E to Vitamin A promoting healthy eyesight, Look Good Gummies for skin are wholesome in nutrients. 

A Fun Twist to Remaining Healthy!
We at Welly promised you with sustainable yet fun healthcare, and that is exactly what we are delivering! Our hardworking employees have experimented relentlessly to find the right flavour and texture so you can enjoy our Look Good Gummy Pops™ . The packaging is done with maximum safety so you can carry them around with you and pop one gummy per day without the hassle of looking for a glass of water.

Revealing the Goodness Inside the Look Good Gummy Pops™  

Increases the keratin levels of the body
Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin which contains a high content of vitamin B & H. Biotin is needed to convert certain nutrients into energy and it promotes healthy skin and hair and even nails. The Biotin used to formulate gummies for hair also boosts the body's keratin levels, which stimulates hair growth and helps strengthen hair.

Aloe Vera
A rehydrating gel in our gummies for skin that aids in the healing of skin cells
Aloe Vera is known all over the world for its numerous medicinal uses including healthy skin and hair. This plant contains a gel that helps the skin to rehydrate and produces a calm and cooling effect on sun-burns present on the skin. Look Good Gummy Pops™ contains Aloe Vera extracts that acts as an antioxidant and reduces acne on the skin by removing impurities. It also promotes hair health as it is known to remove dandruff, dead skin from the scalp very efficiently. Many times, our scalp is not receiving the oxygen it needs to promote hair growth, aloe vera extracts unblock clogged pores present in the scalp which strengthens hair roots.

100% vegan Plant-based Protein used in gummies for skin
Collagen is a vegan protein that acts as building blocks for your skin. This plant-based protein encourages the growth of new skin cells which help reduce blemishes and make your skin even-toned. Daily intake of gummies for hair containing collagen also ensures improved bone strength and healthy hair strands.

Vitamin C
An Immunity Booster Vitamin make them ideal gummies for skin
Vitamin C boosts your immunity by promoting the growth of WBC (White Blood Cells) which are your body’s defenders against any harmful bacteria and virus. It also increases the rate of hair growth and skin cell turnover. Welly derives natural vitamin C from Amla, Aloe Vera, and orange for our gummies for skint to help you get healthy skin and hair.

Vitamin A & E
Anti-ageing & Anti pollutants properties in gummies for skin
Vitamin A aids in improving eye-sight as it has retinol. It also increases the rate at which new cells replace the old cells known as skin cell turnover.
Vitamin E possesses anti-ageing and antioxidant properties and is also an anti pollutant which cleanses the pores of your skin that are exposed to outer pollution.

Chicory Root Fiber
High in fibre content, aids in cardiac health
Chicory plants are rich in fibres. A fibre found in chicory plants which also has prebiotic properties helps regulate blood sugar levels and improves cardiac health. The chicory root extract is extremely beneficial for people suffering through cardiovascular disease. They have anti-inflammatory properties which reduce pain, redness caused by skin diseases. Welly uses chicory root extract so that they also help in building immunity by improving digestion. Moreover, Chicory root extract also increases the rate of calcium absorption by the body which in turn promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

A Complex carbohydrate aiding weight loss
Pectin which is a source of fruit fibre is the key nutrient that promotes good skin health. It is found in apples, oranges, berries and other citrus fruits and is a polysaccharide which acts as an anti-ageing supplement. It also reduces hair loss by promoting repairment of skin including the skin of the scalp. Similar to locust bean gum, pectin also aids in improving gut health by making the intestines inhabitable for good bacterias like clostridium and other Bacteroides. Pectin is present in the pulp of citrus fruits and may help in maintaining cardiac health as well by regulating blood pressure and promoting weight loss.

Locust Bean Gum
Aids in Healthy Digestion
Our digestive tract contains several good bacterias which aid in our digestion process. The presence of high fibre content in the body promotes the growth of these bacteria. So our gummies for skin are made of ingredients that are high in fibre content. Locust bean gum is a natural thickener that comes from the seeds of the carob tree. It's a source of easily soluble fibre that improves gut health by increasing good bacteria. This promotes the absorption of more nutrients which in turn makes your skin and hair healthy. Locust bean gum is also known to keep blood pressure and sugar levels in check.

Know Your Look Good Gummy Pops™

Welly believes that your body is a sacred temple and hence we don’t hold back on any product-related information. Our secrets are your secrets, we are very clear about what ingredients we use to make our gummies for skin healthy and tasty. Have a query? Ask away! We reveal our methods and the science behind making Look Good Gummy Pops™ and all our other products to provide you with safe and exciting healthcare.

No Added Sugar or Preservatives
Our gummies for skin don’t need an extra dose of sweetness from an unreliable artificial source of sugar. We only use naturally occurring sugar found in plant-based products. Look Good gummies for skin use juicy oranges to fulfil the sugar content of the gummies, making them tasty and healthy! 

Artificial Color? It’s a Crime at Welly
Artificial colour diminishes the goodness of vitamins and minerals and we certainly can’t risk that! Our gummies for skin are of natural colours with no added preservatives. We stick to healthy alternatives which provide palatability as well. We promised you healthy and fun health and skincare supplements and we are determined to fulfil that promise!

Aids in Healthy Digestion
Look Good Gummy Pops™ are gummies for skin that  contain high fibre content provided by Chicory roots, collagen, fruit fibre from pectin and soluble fibre from locust bean gum. Fibre is crucial for a healthy digestive system as it aids in the excretion of certain toxic elements from your body.

 Look Good Gummies for skin are Strong Antidotes!
Vitamin C from Amla, oranges, Vitamin E and A present in our gummies for skin are strong anti pollutants and antioxidants which help rejuvenate your skin. Vitamin A provides retinol that helps you to heal your vision.

Vegan & Animal Cruelty Free
Welly makes its stand very clear and does not promote animal cruelty by swearing off any dairy or poultry products such as milk, cream, honey and gelatin. We use locust bean gum and plant-based protein to fulfil the fibre need of our gummy health and skincare supplements. We want you to abide by your principles and have a completely natural healthcare experience with our natural gummies for skin!

Gelatin & Gluten Free 
We understand that each individual is unique and has different needs, hence our team has considered every possible need of our customers and prepared a suitable product for all. Gluten sticks to your intestines and is very hard to process as well, so we made the first gummies for hair and skin that is 100% gluten-free with the help of Amla and Aloe vera! We don't need gelatin, when we have natural gum extracted from Chicory roots which makes Look Good Gummy Pops™ 100% vegan as well.

Welly’s Gummy Pops™ in the Making

When you have only pure intentions at heart and loads of goodwill, success follows you everywhere. With this motto in mind, the idea of sustainable, healthy yet tasty healthcare was created by Welly.

We at Welly think that wellness & nutrition is boring only if you make it. We put our best health experts to work along with our food critics to form a product which makes nutrition fun and inspiring! It was a tedious journey of several months, putting in extra man-hours every day to combine the goodness of different health and skincare supplements with the sweetness of fruits & berries. This is how we invented Gummy Pops™ gummies for hair and skin,  that inspire you to remain healthy!

To bring our vision to life, we spent more than a year experimenting with flavours, textures., naturally occurring colours to present you with the gummies for hair and skin that are a perfect blend of all vitamins and minerals. Our team has voyaged to Europe in search of Best ways to bring you nutrition and taste all in the same chewy gummy!

As hard as this task was, we knew it was possible. We made sure that all our raw materials are obtained from trustworthy non-GMO sources. The Welly team works in a hands-on manner at all stages of the process of making our delicious gummies for hair and skin. We are a brand built on trust and all our manufacturing plants are WHO_GMP certified, ISO compliant, and US FDA approved. Furthermore, all the products produced in the plants are FSSAI approved.

Our latest product Look Good Gummy Pops™ are filled with naturally occurring goodness. The health and skincare supplements are created carefully by our team to help you achieve the look you want and deserve! It promotes hair growth and cell-growth. It also improves the texture of our skin and helps us to fulfil our promise of inspiring a healthy and fun way of self-care.

Quality is Our First Priority at Welly

Our products are created in a manufacturing plant that is WHO-GMP certified, ISO compliant, and US FDA approved. Additionally, all our products are FSSAI approved. This provides guarantee that Welly meets the quality standards as per national and international norms and provides only high-quality ingredients.

WHO-GMP Certification
World Health organization provides a certification for Good Manufacturing Practice which essentially ensures that the products are manufactured as per the quality standards set up by WHO. This is how Welly maintains the quality of its products during each step of the manufacturing process. This certificate also confirms that the product is manufactured through the same procedures under the same conditions consistently.

ISO Compliant
Our manufacturing units are ISO compliant which means Welly complies by the standard and is committed to maintaining its quality. This also ensures efficient delivery of the product, reduction in errors, and waste. Welly complies with the international standards of excellence to avoid any product rejections.

US FDA approved
All our products strictly follow the international standards. So they are evaluated and approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This implies that our products are highly safe and can be sold, imported, or used in the United States. The impeccable taste of our wellness and skincare supplements outweighs the known risks for the intended use.

FSSAI approved
FSSAI registration is mandatory for every food-related business to operate in India, and we are proud to hold our FSSAI certificate. We manufacture our products as per the norms set by FSSAI in terms of food hygiene, safety, packaging, and distribution.

Genetically modified organisms may be the key to many doors, but not the doors of Welly. Our products are completely GMO-free and we adhere to GMO-restricting regulations. We formulate our products with ingredients that are 100% naturally occurring. This ensures that our nutritional and skincare supplements are free from toxic chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones. You are important to Team Welly, so we make sure that our products are safe to consume and will improve your health.

Welly does not believe in hiding stuff behind-the curtains. We are what we appear and we provide full disclosure of our policies, methods of manufacture and the making of the Gummy Pops™. We not only have the health experts from our team ready to vouch for our product but the health experts from WHO and FSSAI who have certified our Gummy skincare supplements as products that are safe to consume.

We, Will, Help You Build Your Fountain of Health & Wellness

Welly promised to inspire you and present you with a new way of maintaining your healthy skin and hair. How do we plan to do that?

We know that you trust your healthcare provider and you are probably friends with your pharmacist. We believe that they have your best interests in their hearts, but do they know what you need?

You may already have multiple supplements which you take daily. But there is the risk of forgetting those supplements and also the major risk of getting bored.

To free you from boredom and save you from being forgetful, we have launched Look Good Gummy Supplements which are healthy, tasty, chewy and have all the goodness of multiple vitamins and minerals.

We believe that happiness is the key to a good life and we want you to achieve that while focusing on your health as well. So jump in to build your fountain of health & happiness!

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